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[11:55:52 AM] Nyx NC: they laid off most of the seattle office

[11:57:01 AM] Nyx NC: the top 6 people in the office are being relocated to our offices in CA, everyone was let go

[12:01:05 PM] Nyx NC: the offices in CA are for Wildstar - I imagine they will…

I know it is a game and your investment in it should  be minimal, but the amount of money they are allowing customers to put in the game without being able to promise that the game has much of a future is kind of upsetting. I know it is business. I know they want their money. But if the game is dying, you owe it to your customers to tell them the plan, because I feel handling a dead/dying game well can actually help a company keep customers for their next game.

I was actually talking to another Aion friend about this… what game do I enjoy enough right now that I can play it if Aion is gone? I disliked WoW, Tera, GW2, D3, SC2, Dota, LoL… Aion actually hit this really nice little spot that got me back in to MMO’s and made me enjoy them again.

Unfortunately, I don’t really enjoy any others, and at this point if Aion got shut down I’d sort of be without something to waste my precious time on. And a lot of the people I met in this game are people I really enjoy doing stuff with, so I’d like to see them on other games. 

Maybe Blade and Soul, whenever that comes out.

see the thing is: blade & soul is ncsoft again. i am not sure if i want to put up with a company that treats their customers like a piece of toilet paper most of the time. what annoys me is this: yes, it’s business but here in a western country business is a bit different than in korea. western customers are a total different vibe and ncsoft does not seem to understand that at all. instead they go ahead and close servers. look at CoH which had still a ton of people playing and yet they shut it down. why? new games coming. they don’t care that much about their franchise than they try to make you think. they just cash the money in, ignore customers and just hamster every cent in their cozy huge expensive headquarters in south korea. 
aion is a great game that is run by the wrong company and it always urged me to flee in vein in certain situations (like the ones right now). it’s sad to see this but it’s been almost 4 years for me and perhaps this will have to come to an end very soon, may it by force or by my own will.

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quick text-related blurp…

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some dudes put together a website for toons to lookup. you can even comment on profiles (anyone remember when we were able to do that on the official website before bots spammed all over the place?). anyways, check it out, nice little tool :D
(found through aion.im, thanks jambo!!)

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omg i love how everyone has those goofy aion icons on tumblr atm :D

(sorry had a rough day; it just makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside atm lol)

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i guess i hopped on that “iconizing train" and made a niyaz icon. or well. i tried. 

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have a few snaps from the shugo instance!!

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will probably try this with gen and max in the near future, so be prepared for a full review of our (fail) group adventures. this sounds fun though!

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(baby) ashlaran

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