welcome to my games & fantasy blog. here you will find mostly (edited) pictures of screenshots i take in various games. i also reblog alot of stuff i like. (which includes the occasional start trek blurp - don't judge me!)
currently playing guild wars 2 and beta-testing the elder scrolls.

met Aoakli today! <3

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omg you still have the party hat!!!

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mission accomplished.

not your maid

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And with this, officially swapping this blog to GW2 (and TSW/Dragon Age to a lesser degree). Name change to reflect this (from voltrag-vidghast).

I may return to Aion and post things like that one day, but for now I’m going to nest in guts and zombies. Feel free to unfollow me if these games bore you!

pretty much the same here (in aion terms). just can’t get back into it :( if you unfollow me, it’s fine :)

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made a baby elyos bard named betrice which looks (not surprisingly) like an asmo somehow :D

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my main account has only one elyos toon which is lythra (a chanter). it’s been awhile since i played her but lately i checked her out again and i actually lvl’d her as well (she is 47!).
have a pic of the lovely lady:

she also got invited into a legion which happens to be on tumblr *squee*
anyways, tia is so dead atm .-. i wish transfers wouldn’t cost a fortune, otherwise they would sit on siel already. i’ll probably lvl my alts over there as well since vid’s and kess’ legion have pretty nice and active people so i am not totally alone.

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seen on this website

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