welcome to my games & fantasy blog. here you will find mostly (edited) pictures of screenshots i take in various games. i also reblog alot of stuff i like. (which includes the occasional start trek blurp - don't judge me!)
currently playing guild wars 2 and beta-testing the elder scrolls.

so obviously i have been playing rift lately. this is my kelari named murtia (don’t even ask how i got that name, i have no clue… but i like my creativity with names haha!). she just made it to 50, went to the ember isles and got that weird looking hat. usually i turn the hats off, esp. in rift since they are mostly meh. but now that i am a kelari and this is an ancient kelari headpiece… i have no choice. i am thinking to remod her and give her some badass makeup so she looks all kelari xD