welcome to my games & fantasy blog. here you will find mostly (edited) pictures of screenshots i take in various games. i also reblog alot of stuff i like. (which includes the occasional start trek blurp - don't judge me!)
currently playing guild wars 2 and beta-testing the elder scrolls.
probably hiatus on this tumblr

so yeah i guess it’s obvious… not very active here at all anymore :(
i have been mmo-hopping for awhile but none really satisfied me (especially aion, it’s really sad actually). then i got sims 3 for christmas which made me realize what got me into games in the first place: the possibility to be creative. sims 3 is exactly that so i have been playing that quite a bit and i think i’ll stick with it too since i can just create/build my heart out as i want in there. which means this tumblr will go on a hiatus while i’ll be active here. no worries i won’t be gone :) you can follow me on that sims tumblr but i’ll check here too to see if i got any messages. and who knows: i might be back eventually, mmo’ing as i used to. 
hope you all have a good start into 2014 :)

merry christmas xoxo



what the fuck is this loading screen

this was on a personal story mission about sons of svanir and like. th— there are no women thats why they are called SONS of svanir

also she should be on eschergirls if she isnt already holy shit. look at that boobs/butt pose jfc

Weirdest Loading Screen I’ve seen to date. Like seriously, what?



by arisuonpaa

from here

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Paintings by Ricardo Fernandez Ortega



Guys did u know that images show Dionysus as a beardless, sensuous, naked or half-naked androgynous youth: the literature describes him as womanly or “man-womanish”. So this character was inspired by “god of wine”

Moonstone Mask

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